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The Horrors : Listen to new album Skying

12:46 PM

On July 11 XL Recordings will release the new album of the Horrors, Skying. Now the complete record has been made available for streaming already. A first listening reveals: first preview “Still Life” is not the only more poppier song here. What do you think of it?

You can find the band’s tour schedule on their website.

The Horrors : Still Life

04:24 PM

“I think, it’s their best yet!” Rachel Zeffira highly praised the new album of her band partner Faris Badwan’s main project The Horrors, when talking to us before yesterday’s gig of Cat’s Eyes in Berlin (interview and photos will follow). The third LP by the Britons, called Skying, will be released on July 11 via XL Recordings (whose logo already rotates through the above video in acid-screensaver-style).

But the first foretaste “Still Life” is only partly causing himmelhoch jauchzende (ski-highly cheering) reactions. Slowed down once again, the take songs returns to the wide-screen aesthetics of the (fantastic) second work Primary Colours, weaving the net even tighter. But the excessive use of synthesizers not only reminds Swedish colleague Lisa Ehlin or the Guardian of no other than Simple Minds’ “Alive and Kicking“. The stoic bass line might do his bit, too.

So maybe it’s a hidden prophecy that Badwan meanwhile sings, “don’t worry, give it time. Things are what they used to be. (…) The moment that you want is coming, when you give it time.” So there’s a lot of hope for the rest of ten tracks, all produced and recorded by then band themselves in their studio in Dalston, London. The first live dates can also be found on the band’s website.

The Horrors Skying
01 Changing the Rain
02 You Said
03 I Can See Through You
04 Endless Blue
05 Dive In
06 Still Life
07 Wild Eyed
08 Moving Further Away
09 Monica Gems
10 Oceans Burning

Tyler, the Creator : Update

04:17 PM

With London and Amsterdam lying behind them, Tyler, the Creator and Odd Future have reached the half-time of their short European tour. In England, DUMMY was rather pleased by the gig (“[…] They were tight.“) and Abeano compiled a series of smaller video shots done all around the trip with the gang.

And there’s more new content to get warmed up with before the collective hits Paris on Thursday and Berlin on Friday – both already sold out. “Tron Cat” is another leaked track coming from Tyler’s also on Friday via XL Recordings / Beggars released full-length Goblin (out on Monday in the UK). Eventually, Yours Truly met the rapper at the piano bar to gain some interesting insights on the role music played in his life. Watch the video interview above and listen to the song below.

Tyler, the Creator : Tron Cat (Download)

Tyler, The Creator : Yonkers (Lil Silva Remix) (Download)

Tyler, The Creator : Pact of the wolves

04:07 PM

I don‘t want to be the future of „L.A. Hip Hop“ I want to be the future of music“, Tyler, The Creator wrote on his Twitter account last month. And the consent between music press, listeners and other rappers such as Mos Def, Kanye West or Pharrell Williams demonstrates that he’s by now not only the future of the local scene anymore. Much more, it suggests that the 19-years-old has successfully refreshed the hip hop culture with his dark to ironic approach already.

Tyler sits on a bar stool . He wears a patterned shirt and a cap, looking just like the cute(?) post-pubertal skater boy he probably is. But it’s not cuteness, which you would associate with him, when the sharp sounds of „Yonkers“ and Tyler’s deep, blurred-by-darkness voice come on. He’s angry, uses fuck in exorbitantly high number, eats a cockroach, which makes him puke, wears black contact lenses, turning him into a sociopath in a patient chair, from which he hangs himself off at the end.  This as lyrically as visually brilliant work earned him more than 7m clicks on Youtube. But he doesn‘t give a shit. He just wants to make music to conquer the whole universe with.

I’m feeling like the Bulls, I’ve got a Gang of Wolves
Odd Future is children that’s fucked up on they mental
Simple but probably not, fuck them („Bastard“)

That Tyler’s favourite English word seems to be fuck, is not hard to guess from his lyrics or tweets. And yes, this might not be unique characteristic in the rap business, but seldom it’s embedded as viciously as the FUCK in his (con)texts. In the music of  Tyler, The Creators dark thoughts and insults just culminate into an alter ego that is his Mr. Evil.
The diabolically lyrical genius becomes visible between rapes and a fatherless childhood, both main themes of his first album Bastard, the genesis of the hip hop collective Odd Future (Wolf Gang Kill Them All), short: OFWGKTA. Here about ten artists from Los Angeles, or more precisely: the deprived area of Crenshaw, where Ice Cube was born and raised and Ice T grew up, collaborate, while presenting their talents via an own Tumblr, from which you can download free mixtapes and productions. But the free number of which might decline soon, since just this week, the collective sold its distribution rights to major label Sony RED. And while still earning complete artistic freedom, this should earn them lots of money from now on. Also May 6 will mark the official release of Tyler, The Creator’s next album Goblin via XL Recordings / Beggars. So the creator is already busy ironising the probable changes the undoubted future success might have on him with the fictional golf playing character of Thurnis Haley.

Odd Future includes video artists, rappers, djs and skaters, declaring intensity and viciousness to their constitutive features.  They not only write about raping and bitches, but with their extroverted TV appearances, such as on the Jimmy Fallon Show, and the personification as wolves they collective turns into a permanent extreme. Extremely loud, extremely musically and sometimes even extremely funny, like when being portrayed by Terry Richardson. It shouldn’t get boring with them soon.

On May 6 Tyler, The Creator and OFWGKTA will play at Cossiopaia, Berlin, alas, the gig is already sold out.  A good overview on the Odd Future works offers the feature Youth And Young Manhood by The Quietus.

Jamie xx x Gil Scott-Heron : We’re New Here : album stream

10:13 AM

Interesting promotional concept, pirate radio style: We’re New Here, Jamie xx‘ common re-work with Gil Scott-Heron of the same’s recent comeback album I’m New Here, is currently getting transmitted via radio senders all almost all over the world for free. Unfortunately only modern smartphones are able to receive the stream but there’s a huge number of transmitters in the whole UK and Germany (every Bundesland has at least one with even middle-sized towns among the spots), but also in the most parts of Western / Northern / Central Europe and North America. Find a map with all locations on

Meanwhile, Drake told BBC Radio1, that Jamie was going to produce the US rapper’s second album.

Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx We’re New Here will be released on February 18 via XL Recordings / Beggars (Germany), February 21 via Young Turks / XL Recordings (UK).

Jamie xx : Adele, Gil Scott-Heron, Benji B

12:00 PM


While we were not able to handle Adele‘s undeniable and Grammy winning vocal talent so far, we can’t escape from the brilliant (re)work label mate Jamie xx just did on her new single “Rolling In The Deep”. Once again he picks up his steel-pans, consequently turning them into his acoustic trademark. The remix will be out on January 16 via XL Recordings (the single itself already is), the second Adele album named 21 will then follow on the 21st.

For February you can also except another intra-label collaboration, since on We’re New Here Smith (that’s Jamie’s real surname) remixed the complete Gil Scott-Heron comeback record I’m New Here. Two first foretaste were already launched last year, one in big format with an own video, the other “small” as part of a set; see below. Meanwhile, release dates for the announced Jamie xx debut album on XL and his first single “Far Nearer” on label fusion Numbers are still lacking.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the young producer has just recorded another quality mix for Benji B’s show on BBC Radio 1 last night. Find the result for download over at Pinglewood.

Adele : Rolling In The Deep (Jamie xx Shuffle) (Stream) [via Abeano]

Adele : Rolling In The Deep (Video)

Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX : NY Is Killing Me (Video)

Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX : I’ll Take Care of You (Stream)

Jamie XX : Far Nearer

04:57 PM

Eloquent, energetic and divers: Jamie XX‘ afternoon beach DJ set was without doubts one of our highlights at this year’s Melt!Festivals. Now Smith is paving the solo paths he’s walking on with his, yet undated single “Far Nearer” on Glasgow-London label Numbers, following a first, back then “Ytinifni” titled track on the Fact Mix of his home band troika The XX. A complete, yet as undated full-length by beat genius was promised by XL Recordings recently.

On John Kennedy’s recent xfm radio show “Far Nearer” was played out loud for the first time. The song comes in playfully with steel-pan sound, the diffident vocals may remind one of Burial and the whole piece is carried by catchy and sincere, but relaxed euphoria (… you … me …). Listen to and download it below (or here if the streams got taken down). [via Dummy]

Jamie XX „Far Nearer“ [Stream]

On October 22 Jamie will deejay at Dom im Berg in Graz, Austria, followed by a set at The Stiff Kitten in Belfast the next day. No need to highlight this young man’s bright talent actually, but we do it once again: Below are two volume speaking remixes (including his unbelievable rework of “Basic Space”) and an older mix he did for Parisian fashion boutique Colette.

The XX Basic Space(Jamie XX’ Space Bass Remix)

Glasser Tremel (Jamie XX Remix)

Jamie XX „Colette Mix“ [Download]
Electrelane : I Only Always Think
The Streets : Streets Score
The XX : Crystalised (DarkSky Remix)
Silentone : Beat For
Rossi B & Luca : Jah No Dead
Clubroot : Lucid Dream
Darkstar : Aidy’s Girl Is a Computer
Burial : Unite
Fantastic Mr Fox & Rich Reason : Lo-Fi-Ve
Joy Orbison : Hyph Mngo
Skream : Trapped In a Dark Bubble
Silentone : DUB PLATE 1
Aardvarck : One1
James Blake : Sparing The Horse
Boogaloo Crew : Hedgehog Sound
Zomby : Expert Tuition
Deadboy : Heartbreaker
Bad Autopsy : Psionic Terror
Cooly G : Narst
zed bias : To the left (test)
MJ Cole feat. Serocee : AO (MJ’s Open Your Gob Dubb)
DJ Champion: Motherboard
Bertrand Dupart : Ketokole (Boddhi Satva Ancestrial Mix) Fantastic Mr Fox : Plimsoul
Emvee : Glitch Dub
Dorian Concept : Trilingual Dance Sexperience
The XX “Island (Jamie XX Remix)”
Silentone : You’ve Got No Love (Feat. Nigh)”
Egypt “In The Morning (Original Club Mix)”

M.I.A “Born Free”

11:37 AM

Warning! This video contains scenes of strong violence.

Three months after self-releasing spontaneously produced protest songs  “Space (Odyssey)” and spreading first details about the release of her upcoming, third album Maya Arulpragasam alias M.I.A (sic, looks like one’s to leave the third period aside from now on) is back with the first official single “Born Free” of the upcoming and yet untitled LP. Instead of bit crushed beats she’s now sampling with SwitchJohn Hill, and Diplo Suicide’s legendary “Ghost Rider” into a dark, seething mix, while Iggor Cavalera (Mixhell, ex-Sepultura) is banging the drums and she’s rapping on dealing with her own success – “And the higher you go you feel lower, oh. I was close to the end – staying undercover, staying undercover. With a nose to the ground I found my sound.” und “I don’t wanna talk about money, ’cause I got it.” -, on herself – “And I don’t wanna talk about hoochies, ’cause I been it.” – and declares: “Yeah, I don’t wanna live for tomorrow. I push my life today. I throw this in your face, when I see you. I got something to say. […] I was born free!”

The (political) message is then parallel set in picture and motion by French direct and Kourtrajme co-founder Romain Gavras. After creating a number of small milieu portrays camouflaged as music videos of Eastern European province, Moscow, a post-industrial working class neighbourhood in French city Lens and Parisian banlieue for – in this order - Simian Mobile Disco, The Last Shadow Puppets, DJ Mehdi and Justice, he’s now turning to US-American satellite cities for “Born Free“. In the video one of them sees a heavily armed and armoured SWAT unit raiding a rundown council estate in search of alleged terrorists (or illegal immigrants?).

In the video Gavras is breaking the limit of violence set by his own (and controversially discussed) video for Justice‘ “Stress” once again and sets major breakages of the song in contrast to brutal excesses of violence by the task force against the residents and their victims – without taboos. Thus the camera films a head shot and the rip-up of a human by a landmine. Everything is true to Alan Vega’s menacing mantra from the same “Ghost Rider”, “America, America is killing its youth.” At the same time the director is caricaturing the mainly stereotype-like, public discussion about terrorism and / or immigrants in the US  with a surprising twist in the selection of his victims. Too, the video could be connected to Israeli-Palestine conflict and an episode of comic series South Park as German magazine Spex points out on their site.

“Born Free” is available from iTunes now. The associated full-length will be released on June 25 via M.I.A’s own imprint N.E.E.T. (too, who’ll release Sleigh Bells’ debut album Treats on May 11) and XL Recordings. See the complete track list of it and her first tour dates for 2010 with even more to be announced soon below.

Track list:
1. The Message

2. Born Free

3. Meds And Feds

4. Lovealot

5. Tequilla

6. It Is What It Is

7. xxxo

8. Tell Me Why

9. Story Told

10. Space

M.I.A live 2010:
17.07. LA-Hard Fest, Los Angeles, USA

24.07. NYC-Hard Fest, New York, USA
01.08. Underage Festival, London, UK

05.08. Sudoeste Festival, Zambujera do Mar, Portugal

06.08. Lokerse Feesten, Lokeren, Belgien

07.08. Big Chill Festival, Herefordshire, UK

11.08. Oslo, Norway — Oya Festival, Oslo, Norwegen

13.08. Way Out West Festival, Göteborg, Schweden

14.08. Flow Festival, Helsinki, Finnland

The Horrors & S.C.U.M live review

02:56 PM


Within only a few days London’s ex-Goth band The Horrors twice played in Berlin. Following their support appearance for Muse at the German capital’s new gigantic O2 Arena on October 29 the five piece came back to hit the stage at Lido together with young disciples S.C.U.M this Tuesday.

Still all the (overpowering) presence was a fair game since it was only the second time for the group to present their new Krautrock influenced and Goth hype breaking outfit in Germany after two festival appearances earlier this year.

So a still all black-in-black but more decent version of The Horrors entered the stage to play the fantastic 2009 full-length “Primary Colours” track-by-track with only little arrangement changes meeting a pretty unimpressed crowd.

The not completely filled Lido – with an audience reflecting a pretty diverse spectrum from little kids to dark avantgarde fellows and old rocker couples – only slightly enjoyed the new material. For instance “I Only Think Of You” nearly got drowned by the talking and whispering all-around.

While neither “Scarlet Fields” nor “Sea Within A Sea” or new non-album single “Whole New Way” – apparently three songs of real beauty – could move the entire crowd, already the foreshadowing of “Who Can Say” or – more precious – the genius but, too, simple lyrics of its intermezzo set everyone in a fever of excitement.

Eleven songs were played. Then band went off, roadie on stage. Everybody knew what was about to follow.

Fair enough, on the stage they laboured to surprise with a well performed cover of Suicide’s “Ghost Rider” but the majority in front it was already silently awaiting the first cords of “Count In Fives” which let them explode in one aggressive pogo, followed by “Gloves”.

What seemed to be compulsory for the band meant everything to their fans. The Horrors have grown out of (most) their following.

Those were of course no problems support act and London colleagues S.C.U.M had to fight with. Presenting – among others – an intense version of their to be then premiered fantastic new song “Berlin” (click on the link to download it via The Quietus) in the city where it was recorded for the Signals series back in spring. And nearly nobody was were to disturb (or enjoy) since apparently everyone was still enjoying their first beers around the corner.

It just wasn’t a good night for good music.

PHOTOS: Christoph Paul

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New Vampire Weekend Single “Cousins”

06:58 PM

After “Horchata” – Vampire Weekend‘s recent free download from earlier this month -here comes the first, real new single named “Cousins” from the band‘s 2nd long player “Contra” to be released in January 2010. Another  African Beats influenced jam of course, but not exclusively.

With “Cousins” the trio sends some pretty some pretty uncommon sounds out in the ether, at least seen in their context. The previous African style slowly from “A-Punk” steps aside and gets replaced by some fast drums beats and guitars beaten by Ezra Koenig’s voice when it comes to competition.

vampire weekend cousins

So save your Christmas money for January and “Contra” hence both songs til now make a good and joyful preview. “Cousins” single will be out on December 15 through home label XL Records/Beggars. Here’s a fresh live shoot by MTV Canada for the beginning: