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Melt! Festival 2010

02:26 AM

As already in the year of  2009 we presented you the most important and current information directly from the Melt!-Festival. 2010 the line up also promised a lot of good music and fulfilled all expectations and even more than that.  From punk sounds with Fucked Up or The Big Pink to electronic music à la Hercules and Love Affair and DJ Shadow the weekend was rich of musical highlights. This gallery will take you on a short tour through all days and stages at the Melt!.

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photo: Christoph Paul

Ambling Alp / XXXO

12:01 AM

The alp’s quaking! Via wwwacht we stumbled upon this knee-deeply creek wading, glacier shocking remix of one of our last/this year’s favourites: Long-time collaborators DJ/rupture and Brent Arnold have a try at Yeasayer‘s “Ambling Alp“.

Yeasayer “Ambling Alp (DJ/rupture & Brent Arnold Remix)

IN OTHER NEWS: Riton has put M.I.A.‘s current single “XXXO” into a club outfit as worth a listen.

M.I.A. “XXXO (Riton Rerub)

PHOTO: “Alps from Airplane” by allesioz (CC)

Yeasayer “O.N.E”

11:21 PM

While Yeasayer are currently touring Europe, they,Julian Grigorian and Kirby McClure of Radical Friend prove in passing, that, too, they have the best audiovisual package in the whole wild world – except Lady Gaga maybe. The imaginary storm of “Ambling Alp” (with a mystic horseman, drummers, boxers, Uruk-Hais associations, nude hippies and head-turning witches) is followed by the next kaleidoscopically confused attack on our eyes and brains which is the new video for “O.N.E.”

Broken down to it’s key elements that means this time: some Hollywood blockbuster atmosphere; a dark backyard re-incarnation of the Studio54; body metamorphoses somewhere between Men in Black I, Matrix and Society; dancers wearing lurid neon coloured outfits making even German staging virtuosi Deichkind jealous; a casino adaption of the reactable; a woman looking like it was Humphrey Bogart himself, who just left her at the bar alone; and on the top of it all Yeasayer caged in a on-stage prison with an unleashed Arnand Wilder on the micro.

We hope you did not watch the video yet, so you do it now with a buzzy head and the question of how for God’s sake this could all fit together in one video. Enjoy it anyway and let’s meet at the band’s Berlin gig tomorrow (Wednesday, March 10) or at any other date of the remaining European shows.

Yeasayer live:
10.03. Fritz Club im Postbahnhof, Berlin, Germany
11.03. 59:1, Munich, Germany
12.03. Exil, Zurich, Switzerland
13.03. Circolo Degli Artisti, Rome, Italy
15.03. Tunnel, Milan, Italy
17.03. Caracol, Madrid, Spain
19.03. Le Trabendo, Paris, France
20.03. Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands

We recommend: Yeasayer live

10:21 AM

To keep it short: Yeasayer from Brooklyn are the most mind-altering experience, we can imagine at the moment. Their two full-lengths, of which the first, All Hour Cymbals, caused the very first (!) aufgemischt! article ever (sadly only available in German! it’s an interview with We Are Free’s Jason Foster) and the second and current one, released via Secretly Canadian (US) and Mute (Europe), Odd Blood, sweetened us the gaunt winter, together build a transcendental kaleidescope of sound turning our heads like witch turns Yeasayer‘s Chris Keating’s head in the already introduced Radical Friend video of the fantastic “Ambling Alp“. The band themselves call their music “Enya with bounce”, which fits perfectly as well.

As icing on the cake they let naked hippies dance through some weird 360° interactive videos on a website built just for Odd Bloodgens. We can’t really tell you, whether Anand Wilder, Chris Keating and Ira Wolf Tuton will bring those live on stage, but where and when you can see them in a European tour near you (including four German dates):

16.02. Academy 2, Birmingham, UK
17.02. Oran Mor, Glasgow, UK
19.02. Academy, Dublin, Ireland
20.02. Speakeasay, Belfast, UK
21.02. Academy 3, Manchester, UK
22.02. The Faversham, Leeds, UK
23.02. Heaven, London, UK
25.02. Thekla, Bristol, UK
26.02. Digital, Brighton, UK
28.02. Luxor, Cologne, Germany
01.03. Trix Club, Antwerp, Belgium
04.03. KB, Malmo, Sweden
05.03. Debaser, Stockholm, Sweden
06.03. Rockenfeller, Oslo, Norway
08.03. Vega (Small Hall), Copenhagen, Denmark
09.03. Knust, Hamburg, Germany
10.03. Fritz Club im Postbahnhof, Berlin, Germany
11.03. 59:1, Munich, Germany
12.03. Exil, Zurich, Switzerland
13.03. Circolo Degli Artisti, Rome, Italy
15.03. Tunnel, Milan, Italy
17.03. Caracol, Madrid, Spain
19.03. Le Trabendo, Paris, France
20.03. Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Get tickets for all German dates here. Check the Yeasayer website for any other country.

Watch “Ambling Alp” once again in the original version and a live version from the exclusive first showcase of Odd Blood at the New Yorker Guggenheim Museum below..

Video | Yeasayer “Ambling Alp

Video | Yeasayer “Ambling Alp (Live at the Guggenheim Museum)

Photo by Jason Frank Rothenberg

Yeasayer “Ambling Alp”

03:45 PM

Yeasayer Ambling Alp

Everyone is already counting the days til this decades ends, listing their favourite albums of the last ten years and apparently ticking off 2009. What a mistake!

Brooklyn-based band Yeasayer - responsible for one of our top records (All Hour Cymbals, which actually made my 17-year old alter ego start aufgemischt back in 2007, oh yeah!) and top videos of this decade (Wait for the Summer) – just aired their new video for the foretaste of  their 2010 full-length child – “Ambling Alp” – over at Pitchfork.

It includes a mystic horseman, drummer and two boxers, plus a yellow adaption of the creation of the Uruk-Hais from the “Lord of the Rings“, some nudists and a witch literally turning Yeasayer‘s Chris Keating’s head. I couldn’t had predicted a better video.

The whole magic was created by Julia Grigorian and Kirby McClure from Radical Friend, who are kind of experts in terms of psychedelic motion.

Jump over to Yeasayer’s special website to download the single for free and enjoy the additional 360° video material there. It’s pretty crazy stuff, too. Below the video is the tracklist for Yeasayer’s upcoming album, which will be out on home label We Are Free and Secretly Canadian over there and Mute in Europe next February. See an older – our first aufgemischt one ever! –  interview with We Are Free head Jason Foster here (sadly German only).


01 The Children
02 Ambling Alp
03 Madder Red
04 I Remember
05 ONE
06 Love Me Girl
07 Rome
08 Strange Reunions